Support for Sivakarthikeyan.


The talk of the town is Sivakarthikeyan’s speech last evening where he bursted out in tears.

Sivakarthikeyan made a bold statement last evening at the Remo thanks giving meet saying

” Please let us to work in peace. I have not snatched or robbed someone else’s victory. We have been working relentlessly for this day and night. How much more pain and troubles would you guys give to us ? ” asked Sivakarthikeyan in a very disturbed tone and teary eyes.

This has caught many eyes and ears and the social media has been discussing this right from the event is over.

STR earlier voiced for Sivakarthikeyan and expressed his support to him.

And now it is Manobala sir, who took it to twitter to extend his support to Sivakarthikeyan saying

” We all there SK..don’t worry…I hate u n a sad mood..cheer up my boy ”

Its good to see industry stalwarts openely supporting Sivakarthikeyan.

But on the flip side, problems and politics in this industry are very common and we will know what would happen next.

They can even mutually sort out the issues and become friends and do a project together again, who knows.

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