Sadhuram2 Review


Sadhuram2 , interestingly the second part of the series is releasing ahead of its first part. This film was introduced saying it is India’s first philanthropical thriller. Also it was said that is in lines of the hollywood movie SAW. The posters were promising and so was the 2mins footage that was released few days back which added more cutiosity to this film. All these things gave a great buzz around the film and ensured we are in for an intersting entertainer.

The movie unfolds in three parts, each having its own screenplay but everything put together in a proper proportion. The director has very well managed to portray three stories alltogether simultaneously and has connected them to a point neatly. Thanks to the non commercialised storyboard that doesnt make you bore. There is only one title song and the rest is just the plot and subplots of the film. The philanthropical touch to the film is appreciation worthy.

Technically, the sound design is too good and gels well with the screenplay that perfectly transfers the mood of the film to the audience. Cinematography is good. The major plus of the film is the runtime and thanks to the editor to have zeroed down to such a crisp timing and the cuts. Credits to the director to have worked hard on a successful plot and has delivered a good product. With the given budget and constrains, what the makers have given is satisfactory and a special mention to all those who have come forward and make this crowd funding happen.

On the flip side, SAW is well knonw for its gory murders and the innovative killings which is very much diluted here owing to the audience and the censors. Had that been made possible, this would have been better. Nevertheless, Sadhuram2 is definitely watchable as well as a good attempt in kollywood.

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