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Rekka is Vijaysethupathi’s 6th film this year. This man has got back to back releases and still has few in the pipleline coming up in the upcoming months. This is the second film that Vijaysethupathi’s friend, CommonMan Ganesh is producing for him, the first one being OrangeMittai. This time the two join hands for an out and out commercial entertainer.

Rekka is that of a template commerciak entertainer with four fights, four songs, a mandatory opening song, setiment and all. Off late there had been no proper commercial film that has had everything in the right mix and probably Rekka has got them right. With Vijaysethupathi fitting into a template commercial film, the team has given a decent to good film.

Vijaysethupathi in a mass avatar for the first time is good actually. Maybe this could be the first step to more mass films. He has put in lot of efforts for thr action blocks which is very evident on screen. LakshmiMenon playing the lady lead has not got much to perform but is a value addition. Presence of KSRavikumar sir, Sathish, HarishUthaman, Kabir are value additions. They all have done a good performance. Whereas it is Vijaysethupathi who carries the whole film in his shoulders. Special mention to Kishore who comes in a very different role.

The actions and sentiment have worked out very well that Rekka endsup being a good commercial entertainer on the whole.

Technically, the music and BGM by Imman are good, the story and screenplay is good, editing is good. Just that it could have been trimmed by few mins so that this could have become perfect.

Vijaysethupathi fans would enjoy this movie to the core, whereas general audience will like it. Vijaysethupathi should do more such commercial films that would satisfy B and C centre audiences.

Rekka on the whole is a worth watchable proper commercial entertainer from Vijaysethupathi.

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