Nayagi Review


Nayaki marks the comeback of Trisha, who is one of the leading stars in tamil film industry for more than a decade. In a period wherein heroines stay for a blink and miss span, Trisha is truly appreciable for her long stand she has made and to be in this stature for a longer period. She has been into various kinds of roles be it from playing a commercial heroine in blockbusters like Ghilli, Saamy, and many to a sensible one in VinnaiThaandiVaruvaya and sorts. For the first time, she has come up with a retro horror comedy, Nayaki.

Nayaki has already released in telugu and has been trashed by the critics and audience. The makers felt that the promotion was bad and hence was the bad talk. After weeks of its telugu release, Nayaki released in tamil and one of the industry leaders, Thenandal Films have agreed to release the same. Maybe the content would suit the tamil audience they believed.

Nayaki is all about a couple who make to a haunted place wherein the ghost has a plan for the both and haunts them. Why does the ghost haunt them, its flashback, and all those scenes you see in a ghost movie is placed as the template. In a period, wherein there horror comedy is a trend, its very disappointing that filmmakers come up with tried and tested and dusted template ones. A yet another horror film is what is presented in Nayaki.

Trisha has supported the film to an extent and her mere presence doesn’t save you from this film. Actors like GaneshVenkatram, JayaPrakash, Brammanandam are here just to fill the space and build the cast power but very sad that they have got nothing much to contribute.

Technically, the songs were very average and doesn’t stay in your mind. The BG score is good at places. The runtime of the movie is close to just 2 hours but this seems a long movie and tests the patience of the audience. Cinematography is decent. All these failed because the story and the screenplay was an age old one and since the basement is weak, the building collapsed.

On the whole, Nayaki is just a time pass entertainer that can even be skipped if possible.



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