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The recent teaser release of the upcoming Tamil movie Mupparimanam starring Shanthnu Bhagyaraj, Srushti Dange and many others has created quite a buzz around Kollywood. The teaser has been screened at all major south indian cinemas along with the  Rajini starrer Kabali movie, this has taken the teaser to further wider audience and marked its first stamp of success towards the movie.

Being the son of Legendary Actor and Director Bhagyaraj and actress Poornima does bring about a huge baggage of expectation on Shanthnu but there is no doubt in his ability to prove himself as an artist of his own style. From the first look of the teaser we are under the impression that Mupparimanam will be a new of its kind from Shanthnu’s previous movies. Shanthnu has transformed into a new avatar to bring this action packed entertainer compared to is former ventures which experimented more in the genre of romantic comedies and drama.

Following the release of this very happening teaser of Mupparimanam, we at First Look Cinema decided to catch up with Shanthanu on an exclusive interview to find out more about the movie itself and much more.

The movie is directed by debutant Director Adhirooban and it is worth noting that he comes from the school of Director Bala, need we more to say apart from the high standard of expectation that comes with such stature.

So as we eagerly await, Mupparimanam is nearing its release we are looking forward to it. From the teaser it is hard to miss the physical transformation that you have gone through, can we take it as the demand of the script or is it an extra effort from your part to weigh into the character ?

Definitely it has a little of both, I was planning on doing some sort of changes in my appearance and was looking for the right opportunity to exhibit that sort of transformation for a movie as this career demands as such and with this particular project the script has several intense action sequences. To be frank the movie will not be a complete action oriented film as it also has a fair mix of other contents with emotional value and will appeal to all wider range of audiences.

Bhagyaraj sir is a great legend and he has been a source of inspiration to many young talents. How do you handle your responsibility as a son of such personality?

Yep, I have faced such high expectations put on my shoulders many times. And sometimes it definitely has proven to be a drawback when people view me as Bhagyaraj’s son and therefore the expectations immediately exceed limits. So I feel responsible and I have the need to fulfill all those expectations. It has been a tricky task because in initial stages the films which I have done didn’t go well in the market. So I felt the need to leave some gap of 2 or 3 years in order to work on matters I felt needed to be paid more attention to. It is following that I have gone on to work on the movie Mupparimanam.

Are we right in saying that Mupparimanam is not your first action movie as you have worked on another action movie called Vaaimai, which is set to be on hold by production house for some reasons?

You are right but not right. Vaaimai is not an action oriented movie, it is court room drama. There is an action sequences but it is very few shoots.

GV Prakash – Shanthanu Bhagyaraj, a fresh combo, how did it become possible? And what kind of tracks can we expect from this album ?

All the songs has come out very well, GV has proven his talent and versatile once again, you will enjoy all the numbers. As you know, GV is not committing to many movies as music director as of now and he is busy with his commitments to movies as an actor but he has taken the time out and completed Mupparimanam because he liked the content of the movie and out of the love and respect he has for my father.

Recently I found a picture  loaded with celebrities which was reported as a shot from a shooting spot of the movie Mupparimanam, is that true ?

Yes it is true. It purely shows the love all those people holds towards our family, because for instance it was only during the shooting that my mother called Jackie Shroff and he immediately came by for the shoot that day itself despite his busy schedule. However this song and concept is definitely not for any promotional reason instead it is a necessity for the story, you will see the link when you watch the movie.

One last question for you, do you have any idea or plans to write a script and/or direct in the future ?

Hah, in all truths at this very moment I don’t have such idea because I think I have a lot to learn in those work of fields. But I do write some in my free time. If I get a chance in the future and I feel ready I will give it a try of course.

Ok, thank you for your time, we would like to wish you all the best for the release of Mupparimanam from the team of First look Cinema and all the best for all your future ventures .


Interview: KarthikPhotograph: Sajjan; Design: Vaidhy; Editorial: Bart RM, Supan; PublisherFirst Look Cinema; SponsorBlack & White International Group



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