MSDhoniTheUntoldStory Review


MahendraSinghDhoni, the name itself is enough to create goosebumps. MSDhoni is one of the finest cricketers and captains in the world. One cannot just attain that spot over the night. So what made him waht he is today is this film. A biopic of MSDhoni rightly termed.

A 30year journey of MahendraSinghDhoni is presented in just 3hours. Right from the school days, his passion for batting, his friends, family, the hardtimes he had, how he turned the sensation, till he clinches the 2011 worldcup, evrything has been put together in a right proportion in a brilliantly knitted screenplay.

SushanthSinghRajput has lived as MahendraSinghDhoni. He is pitch perfect in all the frames. Be it the way he emotes, his mannerisms, cricketing styles, the reactions, everything is just like we are watching Dhoni on screen. To convince the audience that he is MSDhoni is not at all a easy task and SushanthSinghRajput has done it to perfection. Even in scenes were Sushanth appears with other Indian cricketers, it is like Dhoni in that place and not Sushanth.

Disha Patani and Kiara Advani have contributed very well to this film. They have given a very convincing performance. Very unlike as the heroines. Also, BhumikaChawla as Dhoni’s sister fits to the t.

Almost all the characters stand tall in our heart and everyone have given their best. All supporting characters have their own moments and everyone scores a century.

Technically this film is sound too. Lots of technical brillinace sprinkled all over the film. To go with no BG score for the first scene is absolute brilliance, knowing the audience would fill the bg score perfectly. Though this seems bit lengthy, this goes no bore. The love portions at few frames look artificial, nevertheless, that doesnt have much impact on the flow of the film.

Many congrats to NeerajPandey to have pull out such an epic biopic that will be spoken for years and this just cant get better.

Getting to know the other side of MSDhoni, the path he has travelled, reliving the golden matches that we have watched with lots of emotions, happiness, contentment, goosebumps you get at many places while watching this film is pure bliss and is matchless.

On the whole, MSDhoniTheUntoldStory is a must watch film for all cricket lovers, movie goers, Dhoni fanatics and also the general audience.

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