Mechanic Resurrection Review


Mechanic Ressurection is one of those 1000s of films wherein the hero is given an assignment by his foe and the heroine is held hostage by the same. Its all about how the hero completes the assignments and recovers the heroine from the bad one.

JasonStatham as Arthur Bishop is an one man army who could kill anyone in the world and make it up as an accident. He leads a peaceful life without getting into such mess and that is when the bad one needs him to kill three and make it up as an accident which is his expertise. The heroine, Jessica Alba is held hostage for the same. Arthur takes up the assignment and what happens next is this film.

Though the plot is tried and tested in almost all the film industries, it is the screenplay that makes this a better watch. The assignments and the way he takes them up have been worked written well and also have been executed well.

JasonStatham as ArthurBishop is very convincing and his stunts are clap worthy. Diva JesiccaAlba doesn’t have much to perform but still is a value addition. It is just Jason’s show throughout the film and that others have just got very meagre space to perform.

The screenplay is too good that even an old plot looks fit and fine. Background music gels well and deserves a special mention. Camera works are good again. The stunts stand ahead of all and has worked very well making Mechanic2 are worthy film. On the flip side, the initial few mins and the love portions were dull and didn’t look great but the movie turned its pace when the assignments were started.

On the whole, MechanicResurrection is definitely watchable once for its screenplay and stunts.


Directed by  Dennis Gansel
Produced by
  • John Thompson
  • Robert Earl
  • David Winkler
  • William Chartoff
Written by
  • Philip Shelby
  • Tony Mosher
Based on Characters by Lewis John Carlino Richard Wenk
  • Jason Statham
  • Jesicca Alba
  • Tommy Lee Jones
  • Michelle Yeoh
  • Sam Hazeldine
Music by  Mark Isham
Cinematography  Daniel Gottschalk
Edited by
  • Michael Duthie
  • Todd E. Miller
  • Ueli Christen
  • Chartoff-Winkler Productions
  • Millenium Films

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