To start with, the movie has great pre-release buzz since the legendary actor superstar Rajinikanth is doing a lead role in it. That too he is acting as a stylish Malaysian don, this creates a huge expectation. When it comes to the production, Thanu who has produced Ilayathalapathy‘s Theri is going to be a producer. It is great news for Rajinikanth fans. A young director who has only two(2) previous out is going to direct our superstar is sweetest news for cinema lovers.

We have seen the director Pa.Ranjith’s early outings like Attakathi, Madras. These two were become a blockbusters. So there is sky high expectation for Kabali.

But Kabali doesn’t fulfill the buzz is the real matter here. Why i meant like that? Let’s see

Pa.Ranjith when decided to start this project he didn’t forget to add all the castings of the previous outings in this movie too. Though he may think that the same castings would be comfortable but they doesn’t live up to the level i can say.

Sai Dhansika, Kalaiarasan, Hari, Riythvika, John Vijay, Dinesh are the side kicks. Radhika apte is said to be a pair for Rajinikanth. I can say Sai Dhansika and Dinesh are impressive and justified their roles. Between others can’t live up to their expectation. The story revolves around the problems facing by the Malaysian tamizhans. Though story has a strong plot, director missed to impress in the execution part.

Rajinikanth is the Malaysian don who lost his 25 years of life in the prison is in search of his family. After a long years Rajinikanth has proved his acting skill since the character recommends it. The first 20 minutes of the film was mass and class which is designed especially for his fans. After that story goes slow but rajinikanth lifts every scene by his acting. He balances both the sides of action and sentiment. Winston chao is the main villain who dominates the Malaysian tamizhans and tries to kill rajinikanth and his family. How he escapes and how he safeguarding his family and other people is the rest. This gives a key for second half.

There is no replacement for Radhika Apte is view. She has delivered excellent performance especially in the Mayanadhi song sequence was too genius level in acting. As usual in every commercial movie hero fights for the common people in town and kills the villain. The same will happen here. It is not the bad movie but definitely it is ‘ONE TIME WATCHABLE’. I can say Kabali is slow poison it would enter slowly into your mind if not i recommends you to watch once again in theatres.

Cast: Rajinikanth, Radhika Apte, Sai Dhansika, Kalaiarasan, Attakathi Dinesh, Riythvika, John Vijay,Hari, kishore, Nasaar, Winston chao, Mime Gopi, Sangli Murugan

Producer: Kalaipuli S. Thanu

Music: Santhosh Narayanan

Cinematography: G. Murali Vardhan

Editor:  Praveen.K.L

Stunts: Anbuarivu


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