Inferno Review


Inferno starring Tomhanks in the lead has saw the lights today. TomHanks’s movies generally have a good expectation and pre release buzz. And this time it is a step ahead and the expextation for Inferno is damn high, for it being an adaptation of the book under the same title. This has increased the expectation and also the fact that this comes a triology to Angels and Demons, DaVinci also has added to the expectation.

The storyline is very simple and short and so is the movie too. The fact that the population is increasing by multiple folds is a known one. Whereas there also has been reduction by a margin through various calamities over the period. And this time the reduction in population happen through a radical group who would want to clean up the world, thereby making the world a better place to live in. How TomHanks gets involved in this and what happens further is the movie.

TomHanks is at his usual best and gives a convincing performance. Whereas there are many other predominant actors including IrrfanKhan who doesnt make a stand or comes in roles that have no much of impact. Other characters also appear as connecting factors and fill in the screenplay.

Technically, the film is sound in all aspects. Music scored by HansZimmer is trippy and gets the audience into the mood from the word go. The cinematography is good and so is the editing. The movie runs for around 2hours which is very good and swift. The adaptation has been made to perfection an has worked well. The screenplay could have been a bit better wherein the first half takes its time to establish and progress. But that doesnt have an impact on the flow at any cost.

On the whole, Inferno is a worth watchable thriller. Go for it.

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