GVPrakash’s back to back releases.


GVPrakash who is on a success spree has got two of his films ready for the release.

His much awaited KadavulIrukaanKumaru with director Rajesh is gearing up to the release with its final works being done.

KadavulIrukkanKumaru looks more probable to release in the third week of November.

The audio of KadavulIrukaanKumaru is expected to be out in another few days.

Meanwhile, his BruceLee with debut director Prasanth is also gearing up to the release.

Sources close to the team have reported that the audio of BruceLee will be out by Oct21 and that the movie will be releasing on Nov11.

Also, GVPrakash’s KadavulIrukaanKumaru is most likely to follow the same dates.

We will have to see if GVPrakash would have back to back releases in November.

Stay tuned to us as we would report you the official updates about GVPrakash’s upcomings at the earliest.

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