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Wagah, an action-romance drama, is an upcoming Tamil feature film, both, written and directed by GNR Kumaravelan, starring Vikram Prabhu and Ranya Rao in lead roles. Kumaravelan loves to experiment with his craft, which reflects beautifully in all his previous films. He debuted with Ninaithaley Inikkum in 2009 and went on to make two more feature films, Yuvan Yuvathi, and Haridas, a Tamil art film for which he was nominated at the Filmfare as the Best Tamil Director.
Wagah will be marking Ranya Rao’s debut in Tamil cinema, while it is speculated that Alia Bhatt was earlier approached for this project. Actress Tulasi will be seen in a supporting role with Karunas and Ajay Rathnam.
As the name hints, Wagah, is a cross-border romance between an Indian and a Pakistani, shot in the mesmerizing valley of Kashmir. Doesn’t that skip your heartbeat and get you thrilled about it. Yes, we do too, and we want to know all about it we can, specially, when its by Kumaravelan, who has always delivered some heart-quivering cinema to its audiences. So we put on our speedy shoes, and been restlessly trying to approach the Wagah team for some crispy bytes to go with our Monsoon Coffee. However, the team has been working round-the-clock as their release date has been pushed forward. So the team has gladly put their sweat and soul and been trying to finish the sound mixing.
Amidst their back-to-back schedule, Kumaravelan has been really humble and agreed for a quick candid chat with us. This is what we got about the movie during our conversation with him.
Do you intentionally experiment with your work, because you want to stand out and do something different, or does it come naturally to you as you begin shooting?
Actually, I would say a clear ‘No’ because I don’t plan anything prior to taking a project. I try to do whatever a script asks me to, and I try my best to do as much justice to the story while shooting. Wagah took two years of extensive research. Also, I feel, our Cinema, our films, should speak for us. This is what I subconsciously try to achieve with my craft.
Vikram Prabhu was a born celebrity being the Grandson of Sivaji Ganesan and son of Prabhu Ganesan. How was it working with him?
Stardom has got nothing to do with work. All a Director wants is to give life to his script by casting someone as close to the character in the script. Otherwise, the product that comes out, would be devoid of any reality and genuineness. Vikram is someone who I thought would do well for the character of Vasu in the story. I showed him the script, he liked it very much, and we casted him. His performance is amazing, but that’s not cause he is a celebrity son, its cause he was perfect for the character and he did his utmost justice to it too.


‘Wagah’ can you please tell us what does it mean? Also, what is the story all about?
Actually it’s a nice question. Common people might not be aware with the name Wagah, but is my duty to make you understand. Wagah is a small village, and its border is shared by both, India and Pakistan. It’s close to Amritsar and Lahore, and its one of the most intense places in India, where our soldiers stay in extremes to save our country.
Is Wagah an action movie then?
Certainly ‘Not’. Wagah is a beautiful romance drama of an Indian soldier with a Pakistani girl, at Wagah border. How he wins his love and saves his country amidst all this, is everything else.
D Imman is the music Director for it. Is his presence felt throughout the movie?
Yeah, absolutely. D Imman is really talented. He is someone who will give you a hit out of every song in the album. He has done the same with Wagah. The background score is amazing and the songs are excellent. I I’m really happy with his work.

The film is slated for release on August 12, 2016. Check out its trailer and make sure it’s your go-to movie this Independence Day. After all, love is all we need.



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