Devi Review


ALVijay who is known for his realistic to simple and neat film making has put his hands on a horror comedy for the first time. And he has brought in PrabuDeva to play the lead. Tamannah has played the title character. This movie also has SonuSood, RJBalaji playing important roles. So, what is Devi all about ?

Devi is all about a dead soul who fulfills her wish through another one’s body and the story is as simple as that. What is exciting is that Tamannah has played both the characters and she has done it to perfection.

PrabuDeva impresses with his dance moves at the start and later with his performance too. Sometime you feel that this man has not been utitlised much these days and to see this man perform is bliss. Tamannah in two contrasting characters as Devi and Ruby is just top notch. If it is Tamannah who deserves much applause, give it to the dubbing artist Manasi who has shown equal variations through her voice for both the characters. It is PrabuDeva and Tamannah’s show all the way. And RJBalaji adds fun at parts to the movie.

Technically this film is too good right from the writing, sound design, editing, till execution. To have kept the movie short and on point is a value addition. And this coming from ALVijay is a surprise since this is completely different from his previous works.

On the whole, Devi is a good horror comedy film that will entertain you for 120mins and make you feel the money you spent is worth.

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