Bayam Oru Payanam Review


BayamOruPayanam is yet another revenge story wherein the heroine is murdered brutally and she reincarnates and haunts those who killed her. Why has she been killed and how does she takes revenge forms the crux of this film. VishakhaSingh is one very well known face in this film and also has played the lead.

The movie starts with usual haunting episode wherein the hero is all alone in a guest house and experiences some ghostly behaviours. From there on the ghost runs after him and scares wherever he goes. The hero or the audience never know why he is being haunted till the pre climax. In between the space is filled with flashbacks, his love, and his run from that place.

The plot that the team has chosen is good. But they could have done better with the screenplay. First half has major portion of the hero running, driving, running, driving sequnces. Second half is better comparitively and VishakhaSingh has done a commendable job. The haunting episodes were spine chilling at places and falls flat at few. The movie gets better towards the climax. When the reason for the haunt is revealed and when the final haunt happens the movie gets into a better pace. The suspense was maintained till the last frame which is appreciation worthy.

Technically, the bgm plays one important role in such horror films and in the case of this film, he music director has done a good job. The silence in few places and the eerie sounds in few places were too good. The cinematography was decent and so was the editing too. Though this film runs for just 2hrs or so, this felt lengthy because of its not so great first half. The plot and the execution is good, just that the connecting scenes could have been worked better.

On the whole, BayamOruPayanam is a decent horror thriller and can be watched for its plot and for some of the spine chilling moments.


Cast:  Barath Reddy, Vishakha Singh, Meenakshi Dixit, Urvashi, Singam Puli, Yogi Babu, Jangiri Madhumitha, King Kong

Director: S Durai

Producer: S. Durai, S. Shanmugam

Production House: Octospider Production,

Music: Y. R. Prasad

Lyrics: Mani Amudhavan, Mohan Rajan

Cinematography: I Andrew

Editing: Y. V. K. Dass Daniel

Art Direction: MR Karthikraj Kumar

Action Direction: Stunner Sam

Choreography: Shanker Aiya



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