Ammani Review


LakshmyRamakrishnan who is a well known face has proved her potential in playing various characters in many films. She tried her hands on direction and her debut directorial movie is itself a huge success. Post Aarohanam and NerungiVaMuthamidathey, she kickstarted Ammani.

Ammani is a hard hitting truth about our parents and grandparents who are exploited for their resources(money) and left after alone once they dont contribute any monetary benefits. Though the message is huge and complex to explain, Lakshmy has comeup with this Ammani which is crisp and on point and not so preachy.

LakshmyRamakrishnan as Saalama brings her character alive with her naturalistic portrayal and performance. The family of Saalama including NithinSathya and Ammani have done a wonderful job by playing their roles to perfection.

It is K’s songs and BG score that is top notch in Ammani. Cinematography is good. Editing is crisp and the movie runs for just 90mins which is a huge plus. The storyline and screenplay has worked out very well and kudos LakshmyRamakrishnan to have made this.

On the whole, Ammani is a must watch film for the plot it deals with and the message it conveys.

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